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Chic Events Kenya is a specialist wedding and event planning company dedicated to creating breathtaking events throughout East Africa. With over 4 years experience in managing and designing events, we work with you to create the wedding you want. We tailor everything to your needs here at Chic Events, from high profile launches to award ceremonies, conferences, exhibitions, experiential events, galas, birthday parties and more.

Behind every great event, there is a creative story. The story is always born out of a desire to create a truly memorable event by focusing on valuable clients. Ummulkiram Mustafa founded Chic Events Kenya in 2015 and has planned & managed many weddings & special occasions. She has a wealth of expertise & knowledge in event styling/wedding planning, and has worked for highly prestigious clients.

A talented wedding planner is a gift you gift yourself <3

Chic Events Team

In order to achieve customer satisfaction, we have to work as a team. Chic Events consists of a team of professional event management experts with having the required set of skills, and expertise to make your every event memorable. They work to their optimum in order to give their clients the best event/wedding experience.

What Makes Us Different?

The variation of different types of events helps us perfect our skills in the industry of event planning. At Chic Events we are open to challenges, and are always ready to serve the best and exceed our clients expectations. For more information please hit the ‘contact us’ tab and send us a message or give us a call. To have a better idea of what we do, check out our portfolio.

Initial Concept Design

This is where the fun really begins. First, we listen – what do you want to achieve from your party? What do you want to convey to your guests? What do you want the party/event to look and feel like? Based on what we learn from you, our design team will start by creating a mood board. The mood board will establish an overall look and feel for your party, and once you approve this we can begin the detailed design phase.

This is where we flesh out every detail of the event.
The concept and design phase incorporates a detailed creative presentation; this definitely is much more than a “sample table” and allows you to experience what you are going to see, touch, taste, smell and hear at your party. This phase is very important because it basically gives you an overview of how your event will be presented, before you even walk in through the door.


    Who doesn't absolutely love a beautifully adorned table with an amazing wedding center piece to please the eye? A sure way to amaze wedding guests is with a conversational piece, like each one of our lovely floral designs. Keep it scrolling to see the beauty unfold.


    A little goes a long way with lighting, and even the most impressive-looking rig-ups can be surprisingly simple. While many areas of wedding decor take a lot to make a big impression, being creative, or hiring professionals to accent your space with lighting, could be all the decoration you need.



    First impressions are so important, especially when it comes to making the grand entrance on your wedding day! Get creative with your walkway decoration elements to create a moment of awe in the surge of anticipation.


    The final piece of the puzzle on your wedding day are for the deserts presented exclusively for your guests to sweeten their palette after the main meal. A sweet ending, To a new beginning !

What our clients have to say about us

  • I truly liked the decor and the creativity and effort about chic events Kenya you people just give out the sparkle from the beginning to the end .. thank you so much for giving us the service from the first to the last..god bless
  • Just like that Umma we become friends. Thank you so much for an event well planned and making anything I wanted happen from the cards, cake, Decor, etc.. Your company @chic_eventskenya is destined for greatness.
  • Sweet appreciation image sent to us by one of our dear clients.

Clients Served


Creative Ideas


Happy Couples




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